As you probably know SchuttenWorks is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, but I was born and raised in the Netherlands.  See our About page for more on that.

Since a few years I have been active in the Dutch Community here in Portland and have been actively working on a sister city relationship between Portland and Utrecht (a great city in the center of the Netherlands) with the mission: "To promote lasting bonds between the people of Portland and Utrecht by sharing experiences, running collaborative projects, and increase economic, educational and cultural connections for the greater good of each city and its people."

So, what are we doing?

  • On the Economy - Both cities have a strong creative/entrepreneurial base and produce many products in there respective cities, and we  help Utrecht creative entrepreneurs find a market here in Portland and Portland entrepreneurs sell their wares in Utrecht.
  • On the Culture - Last year there was a great photo exhibition in Utrecht called 'Portland Utrecht - Similar Cities' created by Dutch Photographer Ron Hendriks. We are bringing this exhibition to Portland during the 2017 Rose Festival (June 2017)
  • On Collaboration -  Where last year several Portland brews came to showcase Dutch beer at Portland's Brewers Festival, this year there are several collaborative brews happening.  This summer we hope to celebrate with the Dutch brewers the results of these collaborations.

We are a vibrant community here in Portland, but can always use more help by enthousiatic creative people.  If you are interested you can explore more about the Portland Utrecht Network byfollowing this link.

Rindert Schutten / Owner SchuttenWorks / Portland, Oregon