We love reviews!

When you sell on-line it is very easy to loose contact with you - the customer. In most cases we never meet, never talk and we know next to nothing about you. 

You may know a little bit more about us because you have seen our products, possibly read about us on the About page and and possibly because you have read some blog posts we create.  But we know very little about you and what your priorities are.

Of course, when we get an order from you we know that you liked the description and pictures we put together enough to actually buy the product.  Sometimes you send us an email with some questions andtherefore know a little bit more about your interests and what you are looking for in a products you are looking to buy.  We love that too!

But it is only in the actual reviews that our customers privide that we really start to understand what is important to you.   For example Lindsay who wrote: "It is definitely helping me to charge the watch everyday!"  This was something I had not fully realized, but yes having a well-defined place to put your watch every night does help to make sure your watch is fully charged when you put it back on i the morning.

Or as Pamela writes: "Beautifully made and my daughter in law was ecstatic that her nightstand would be free of charging clutter." Allthough designed to manage the cables, it appears that customers actually think that that is an important aspect of the product. Great feedback!

I can go on listing examples of reviews, but I wont do it here.  If you want to read more of them check all our  Etsy reviews.  There are 882 of them, so you they can keep you quite busy quite a while, but it will tell what our customers think of our products, which may help you make decisions on what to buy.

When we design our products we put a lot of thought into it, and sometimes we wonder if customers really appreciate all the little design features we put into our products. Michael says is very consicely: "My favorite kind of thing: both beautiful and functional. Well made. Pleasing to the eye. Does exactly what I want it to do and looks good doing it." We are doing something right!

Rindert Schutten / Owner SchuttenWorks / Portland, Oregon