Let's take a quick look at the just released iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  We don't have them yet so we have to rely on what Apple has been telling us.

All reviews talk about how beautiful and fast the new phones are with their all glass bodies, powerful new A11 chip, water and dust resistance, new camera, wireless charging and many more new features.  I am not going into a detailed review; many are already available on the Internet.  If you thinking of upgrading check out this review by the Verge.

At SchuttenWorks we will continue to offer our high quality wooden docking stations for iPhones, and we are happy to report that both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are perfecty compatible with our CONCERT and EICHLER family of docking stations.  Even though both new models allow for wireless charging, they both have the Lightning plug at the bottom of the phone through which you can charge your phone.  So your existing investment in a SchuttenWorks dock is secure even when you choose to upgrade to an iPhone 8 or the gorgeous iphone X.