In normal times I would not blog about politics on our website.  Politics has nothing to do with docking stations for your favorite gadgets. But these are not normal  times, and I believe that we all have to speak out and confront the hate and racism that is raising its ugly head all around us. This is especially true in the USA where we have elected, despite him losing the popular vote, Donald Trump as our president. 

Trump and his puppet master Steve Bannon are a danger to the USA and the world.  It is one thing to have different political ideas and let the democratic process work its way to create a government, change laws and/or make new laws, even governments and laws you don’t like.  That however is NOT what has been happening. They have attacked democracy itself.

It all starts with lying.  Trump lies.  Bannon lies.  They all lie. They lie about basic facts over and over again.  They lie about the success of the Affordable Care Act, they lie about thousands of Muslims celebrating on 9/11 in New Jersey, they lie about bringing jobs back to the USA, they lie about crowd sizes at Trumps inauguration, they lie about climate change, they lie about Obama being a Muslim, they lie about how refugees and immigrants are a threat to our country, they lie about the impact of guns on our society.  They lie about everything!  And yes, it is lying. They know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it to undermine the democracy. Because they know that, without a common set of facts, there is no democracy, and if there is no democracy they can enrich themselves and plunder the world.

So we have to fight back.  One organization that is great at fighting back is the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)  The ACLU 

  • Fights efforts to suppress free speech and the right to protest 
  • Defends people who were unconstitutionally jailed for being too poor to pay court fines
  • Works to defend people who are being discriminated against under the banner of religion

This month (February) SchuttenWorks will donate 10% of all sales (sales not profits) to the ACLU to help them defend our democracy. We simply cannot ignore what is happening around us.

Rindert Schutten / Owner SchuttenWorks / Portland, Oregon